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Large Dalla Piazza Nuscup in red and white
Two sizes of a Swissmar / Dalla Piazza Nuscup with stainless steel handles

Swissmar - Dalla Piazza - Nuscup

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Info: Adjustable Measuring Cup/Spoon/Scoop; Limited Quantities: Only 1 of Each Type Remaining

The Nuscüp by Dalla Piazza is a clever European-designed device which can simultaneously measure and scoop up various quantities of either liquid or dry ingredients in a single swoop to a precise amount which you specify with its patented adjustable sliding mechanism. Shaped somewhat like an ice cream scoop, it features a slider knob and measurement scale on the handle which you operate with your thumb, to specify the amount you want. The slider knob moves a flap in the scoop, to limit its payload to that amount.

Product Notes:

These tools can scoop up anywhere from 1/8 Tsp to 1 Tbsp (or 5ml to 30ml, or 1/4 to 1 oz) of sugar, for example, for the Mini model; or from 2 Tbsp to 1/2 a cup, for the large. They are made of durable plastic, and some models feature a brushed steel cover on the top part of the handle (the rest of them is a translucent, smoky grey). They come apart for easy cleaning, and are dishwasher safe. They also have a magnet on the back, to keep handy by attaching it to your fridge, microwave, or stove wall.

Capacities, barcodes or store codes for each type:
- Mini, metal top (up to 30 ml/1 oz): 056975015990 [PLU 7038]
- Large (up to 140ml/4oz), red, with white handle top: 056975018076
- Large (up to 140ml/4oz), smokey grey body, with metal handle top: 056975026149
- 2-pack with Both a Mini & Large, white, with: green accents: 056975122292; or with blue accents: 056975122285.

Product Options:
Large (up to 140ml/4oz), Red & White - $19.99 - UPC: 056975018076
Large (up to 140ml/4oz), with a Metal Top - $21.99 - UPC: 056975026149
Set of both a Mini & Large, in White with Green Trim - $29.99 - UPC: 056975122292