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Denman Island Chocolate - Organic Chocolate Bars
an assortment of Denman Island Organic Chocolate bars

Denman Island Chocolate - Organic Chocolate Bars

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Info: About 45g Per Bar - Various Flavours

Denman Island Chocolate bars are made with the finest organic ingredients - bittersweet, Fair Trade dark chocolate, most with a high (63% or 72%) cocoa mass content, which makes for a more intense, less sweet flavour that is rich and clean, and other certified organic ingredients like dark roasted espresso beans, freshly toasted hazelnuts, and coconut, depending on the type. They're all gluten free. This British Columbia company donates at least 1% of their gross sales to environmental causes.

Product Notes:

The Chocolate Factory: At Denman Island, they believe in the importance of beauty in all aspects of their business, starting with their factory. It's not all concrete blocks and smokestacks -- they wanted to do things differently. Their factory is perched on top of a bluff overlooking ocean and mountains, surrounded by trees that are protected by a permanent covenant they put in place in 2006. They love being surrounded by this beauty, and also think it's important to create and be a part of beauty in order to make a product that we can make and send to you with the realization that it doesn't just taste good -- it is good.


Cocoa Loco - Fair Trade chocolate* (min. 72% cocoa mass*, cane sugar*, cocoa butter*) - The intensity of 72% cocoa mass - if you're crazy for chocolate.

Coconut Squared - Fair Trade chocolate* (cocoa mass*, cane sugar*, cocoa butter*), coconut milk powder* (coconut milk*, acacia fibre, tapioca maltodextrin*), and Shredded Coconut*. For a Tropical version of milk chocolate!

Cool Mint - Fair Trade chocolate* (min. 63% cocoa mass*, cane sugar*, cocoa butter*) with Natural Mint Essence*. - Very cool, very smooth.

Simply Dark - Fair Trade chocolate* (min. 63% cocoa mass*, cane sugar*, cocoa butter*) - Just chocolate, for purists.

Toasted Hazelnut - Fair Trade chocolate* (min. 63% cocoa mass*, cane sugar*, cocoa butter*) with Toasted Hazelnuts* - A classic made with fresh nuts from BC's Fraser Valley.

* = Certified Organic

There were also three types we formerly carried -- Cherry Cashew; Espresso Chunk; and Szechuan Salt -- which are no longer being stocked here. They might be available by special order, however; please contact us for details.

Product Options:
Simply Dark (46 g/1.6 oz) - $3.50 - UPC: 741073000060
Cocoa Loco (46 g/1.6 oz) - $3.50 - UPC: 741073000077
Coconut Squared (44 g/1.5 oz) - $3.50 - UPC: 741073001005
Cool Mint (46 g/1.6 oz) - $3.50 - UPC: 741073000039
Toasted Hazelnut (44 g/1.5 oz) - $3.50 - UPC: 741073000015