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Prepworks - Dip Clips

Prepworks - Dip Clips

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Info: Set of Four, in Different Colours, as Shown

Due to space limitations, entertaining guests can often be a bit of a logistical challenge when more than one type of appetizer and accompanying dip are on offer, plus there's usually an awkward risk of an offputting "double dipping" guest when there's a shared bowl for the dip. These handy personal-sized dip clips can take care of both problems, by ensuring the salsa, dressings, or condiments are always close to the actual user and/or item they're for.

Product Notes:

Dip Clips can be hung over the sides of either bowls (with lips) or plates (double up the plates, if using paper plates); their soft-grip button keep the cup situated in place while in use. They're great for shrimp cocktail sauce, salsa, guacamole, sour cream, ranch or other dressings, or mustard, ketchup, or barbecue sauce. They come in four different colors, so people can keep track of their own plates at a barbecue or party. Works with almost any plate materials and sizes.


Materials: PP and TPE. Dishwasher Safe

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Prepworks Dip Clips in Use
UPC / Barcode: 078915039668