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Dr. Ho's Circulation Promoter
graphic of Dr. Ho's Circulation Promoter in operation

Dr. Ho's - Circulation Promoter (Foot & Leg TENS)

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Info: Circulation Promoter System

S&H included in Canada. Invest in your blood health today with Dr. Ho's Circulation Promoter -- because good health is a decision you'll never regret! Designed for those suffering from leg circulation issues and effects including diabetic neuropathy, swollen feet/ankles, numbness, sciatica, and plantar fasciitis, the Circulation Promoter uses TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) to encourage better blood flow in the feet and legs.

Product Notes:

As Seen on TV! Health Canada Medical Device #83410

As the means of distributing nutrients and oxygen throughout the body, the bloodstream is an extremely important component of good health. So when you suffer from poor circulation, the effects are not only unpleasant, but unhealthy -- parts of your body are not getting as much sustenance as they need. That's why improving bad circulation should be a priority for every health-conscious person, and it's why Aviva sells Dr. Ho's Circulation Promoter.

The package not only includes the circulation promoter and a 2 pad therapy system, but also comes with sets of small and large massage pads for other parts of the body; a replacement set of small pads; a travel pack, instructions, and a DVD; and a bonus set of travel foot pads so you can take your circulation promoter wherever you go. 

Video Transcription (Doctors)

Dr. Ali: It doesn't matter where the injury is. It helps with circulation that causes the inflammation to get the person back up to speed. This unit is very safe.

Dr. Josh: The Circulation Promoter will provide oxygenation to the tissue and wake the nerve up.

Dr. Michel: I've pretty much seen it all, a lot of back pain, a lot of knee pains, calf injuries, foot injuries, bad circulations in the legs, swelling around the ankles, and so I  recommend this Circulation Promoter now to help all of these conditions.

Dr. Josh: I would prescribe the use of this device for patients that sit in traffic all day, spend a lot of time sitting in the car behind the wheel, or long-haul truck drivers.

Dr. Michel: The kind of foot issues that the Circulation Promoter can really help with are conditions of inflammation, people who have nerve problems, also just general aches and pains. It can treat conditions like arthritis, bunions.

Dr. Ali: Better circulation means healthier tissue, decreased pain, decreased inflammation. Using this machine increases your circulation which will help with any areas where you're not gotten enough circulation.

Dr. Josh: The Circulation Promoter is a great product to use to help improve circulation and help decrease symptoms of restless leg syndrome.

Dr. Ali: By using this machine you increase circulation, which brings oxygen, nutrients, allowing the body to heal any problems that you may be have having with your feet. When you wear high heels you're doing a lot of damage to your spine and your joints. With this machine you can get relief from the damage you do to your body.

Dr. Michel: I've had huge successes with my patients suffering from migraine headaches using this product. They will have the answer there to be able to give themselves the treatment right away. If you can restore circulation you have solved many, many conditions because it's the substance of life. No circulation, no life.

Dr. Ali: I use this machine myself and I recommend it to all of my patients.

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