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Dr. Niedermaier - Regulat Pro Bio

Dr. Niedermaier - Regulat Pro Bio

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Info: 350 ml (12 fl oz) Liquid Concentrate Available in Store

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Wonderful as a vitalizing tonic for overall health, providing antioxidant protection and potent benefits for the blood, and helping to form tissues and heal wounds, Regulat has also been used to successfully treat Lyme disease. This biologically active essential enzyme and phytonutrient liquid concentrate with natural vitamin C is produced by a patented process called Cascade Fermentation. Uniquely rich in active biological elements, Regulat Pro Bio liquid by Dr. Niedermaier is vegan and certified organic by European Organic Standards.

Product Notes:

The patented solutions for healthy living - Supporting biological regulation processes - Dr. Niedermaier's patented Cascade Fermentation process is an 8 week process that utilizes different micro-organisms for each fermentation step, increasing the quantity of the essential enzymes and their bio-availability by imitating the body's metabolism.

RegulatPro - Energy and Balance - Cascade-fermented organic whole food concentrate made from fresh fruits, nuts and vegetables.

Regulat Pro is produced by the unique and complex method of cascade fermentation. This process was developed after years of research by the founder of the company Dr. Niedermaier Pharma. The name Regulat refers both to the dextrorotatory lactic acid it contains and to the support of biological regulation processes.

Regulat is a unique enzyme extraction containing essential amino acids, di-, tri- and oligopeptides, polyphenols, flavonoids (phytochemicals) and probiotic components obtained from organically grown fruits, nuts and vegetables.

Patented cascade fermentation creates unique, biological active components that are precursors to the body's own intracellular enzyme production -- a natural concentrate that the body can utilize immediately.

Regulat Pro is pure nature in concentrated form, and as a nutritional supplement may help:

* Support the body's own regulation processes and enzyme balance
* Improve the supply of energy to the body’s cells, revitalizes and invigorates
* Reduce oxidative stress
* Balance the immune system

Fermented Foods to Promote Health

Fermentation is the conversion of biological substances with the aid of bacteria, fungi or cell cultures or by the addition of enzymes (ferments). This biotechnical method conserves and refines food -- the substances that nurture and sustain our lives. Lactic acid fermentation (Lat. Fermentum) is generally regarded as the oldest and most natural method for breaking down the important biological nutrients in food. In this form, the valuable ingredients are in their most bioavailable form for humans and consequently they can be easily absorbed via the mouth, stomach and intestine.

Patented multi-state cascade fermentation is a dynamic process for the production of regulates. A combination of organically grown fresh fruits, nuts and vegetables are broken down in several consecutive fermentation stages with the addition of different lactic acid cultures, similar to the human digestion process. The process concentrates valuable phytochemicals that are used by plants themselves to protect against bacteria, viruses, fungi, UV radiation and other stresses. All enzymes are broken down for easier absorption by the body. Proteins that trigger allergies are converted into non- allergenic oligopeptides and amino acids and, as a result, all ingredients lose their allergenic properties. The lactic acid cultures produce probiotic components that boost the body’s immune system. Fundamental research carried out at the Technical University in Munich, as well as human studies, has confirmed the importance of supporting biological regulation processes.

All substances are released in dextrorotary lactic acid, which is produced during cascade fermentation. The body quickly and easily absorbs the valuable protective and essential ingredients prepared in this way.

Regulat (video transcription)

This is Hannah and this is Martin. They're in their mid-30s, both working and since 3 years, happy parents. However, for quite some time they've been feeling tired and not fit at all. When they get home after a long day's work, they don't have energy to exercise or play with their children. They've always performed an active and healthy lifestyle and have no idea why they feel so exhausted.

This is why they're looking for help from their pharmacy. Mr. Mueller, their pharmacist, has the solution -- Regulat by Dr. Niedermaier Pharma. Mr. Mueller explains what Regulat is. It's made from organically grown fresh fruits, nuts, and vegetables. The ingredients are processed in a unique natural process called original cascade fermentation. This process helps the body to easily absorb the valuable ingredients via mouth, stomach, and intestines.

And what does Regulat do? First of all, it supports the regulation processes in the body in every cell. In doing so, it activates the body's self-healing capacities. It improves the energy supply in every single cell in the body and boosts the immune system. Regulat restores the body's order and energy. These effects have been proven by several research studies.

Hannah and Martin are convinced. Regulat seems to be perfect for them. Their choice was the right one. As soon as they started to drink Regulat, they feel fit and vital and are able to enjoy life again. After a few weeks, they report enthusiastically to Mr. Mueller about the positive health promoting effects of Regulat.

Regulat neutralizes and detoxifies and supports biological regulation processes. Hannah and Martin enjoy their family life to the fullest again. Regulat from life, for life.

Cascade Fermentation Explained (video transcription)

The Dr. Niedermaier Pharma method of cascade fermentation. Fresh ingredients grown under controlled organic conditions are adapted in a well balanced proportion to the required nutritional needs of the human organism. The Dr. Niedermaier Pharma method of cascade fermentation is made up of the following production processes:

To start with, the fresh ingredients are reduced into small pieces in a specific sequence and filled into a fermenter. Added to the mixture in the second step are microorganisms that produce dextrorotatory lactic acid. After about two days the first fermentation then begins.

In the third step, after around three weeks, the first partial filtration is done. This filtration is then prepared for fermentation again adding other lactobacteria that produce dextrorotary lactic acid. Further stages of fermentation based on this principle then follow. In this way, an even finer decomposition of the contents is achieved.

In the end, after all of the fermentation fractions are brought together and given a final cleaning, the ingredients are in a uniquely disintegrated state. Short chain peptides and individual amino acids have developed, which our body immediately absorbs and can utilize for its own purposes. All in all, cascade fermented supplements have exceptional bio-availability thanks to their biochemical reactivity and high vibration potential.

That means regulation of metabolism and enzymatic activity, revitalization, immunal stimulation and detoxification. Responsible for this is the dynamic fermentation formula that implies a transfer of information from partial fermentation to partial fermentation as in homeopathy only with a difference that there is no dilution.

Thanks to the special and non-harmful production process there is no need to use preservatives, chemical additives or alcohol. The patent specification for this cascade fermentation method of production was issued by the European Patent Office on the 17th of November, 2004.

Health Canada Natural Product Number: 80055042. Latest product labels may be slightly different than shown.


Medicinal Ingredients: each 10 ml contains a fermented concentrate of:
Lemon fruit* (Citrus limonum): 1.1 ml
Date fruit* (Phoenix dactylifera): 0.9 ml
Fig fruit (Ficus carica): 0.9 ml
Walnut nut* (Juglans regia): 0.6 ml
Soybean bean* (Glycine max): 0.3 ml
Coconut fruit* (Cocos nucifera): 0.3 ml
Onion root* (Allium cepa): 0.3 ml
Soybean sprouts* (Glycine max): 0.1 ml
Celery stalk* (Apium graveolens): 0.1 ml
Acerola extract* (Malpighia glabra): 0.07 ml
Artichoke leaf* (Cynara cardunculus): 0.06 ml
Pea seed* (Pisum sativum): 0.04 ml
Millet seed* (Panicum miliaceum) 0.04 ml

Non-medicinal ingredients:
Water, glycerin (plant origin), turmeric*, saffron*, fruit and vegetable blend, orris root extract, Alpinia officinarum root extract, Oleoresin pimenta berries. (* = Organic ingredients. Organic inspection body DE-006).

Does not contain artificial ingredients or preservatives. Gluten and dairy free. Vegan.

Suggested Usage:

Adults: Take 10 ml once in the morning and once in the evening before meals. Keep liquid in mouth for 10 seconds before swallowing. For use beyond 4 weeks, please consult your health care practitioner.


Keep out of reach of young children. Do not use if pregnant or nursing, or if seal is broken. Shake before use. Contents to be consumed within one month after opening bottle. Protect against heat and direct solar irradiation.
UPC Code: 4260084345541