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Earthing Pillow Case
Wall outlet, labeled to show where to plug grounding cable into

Earthing Pillow Case

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Info: Available in 3 Sizes

Re-energize while you sleep and reconnect with the Earth's energy field with Aviva's earthing pillow case, which is made of natural unbleached cotton and uses interwoven silver to ground your body through a coiled grounding plug on a power outlet or a grounding rod.

Product Notes:

Includes grounding cord, for use with standard three-prong (grounded) electrical outlet.

Pillow Case Sizing:

- Standard 50 x 65 cm
- Queen 50 x 75 cm
- King 50 x 90 cm.


During electrical storms, it is recommended that you disconnect your earthing devices and not use them.

Be sure that your grounding sheets don't come in contact with body creams and oils, which can reduce conductivity.

Product Options:
Standard - $79.99
Queen - $89.99
King - $99.99