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Earthing Sheets
Earthing Sheets

Earthing Sheets

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Info: Available in 4 Sizes

Earthing is a new form of therapy that may help diminish the number of free radicals present in your body, and is increasingly used for the treatment of inflammation and other bodily ailments. These fitted earthing sheets are made of natural unbleached cotton and use conductive silver threads to ensure that the effects of either your grounding rod or the grounding port of your household outlet recharge your body while you sleep.

Product Notes:

These fitted Earthing Sheets are available in King, Queen, and Full sizes (which have 34 cm of additional depth at each side from the given dimensions, to wrap around and/or under the mattress), or Twin (which has 26 cm of depth per side, of just the cotton material without the conductive silver threads).


- Twin (54" x 75" / 140 x 190 cm)
- Full (54" x 75" / 140 x 190 cm)
- Queen (60" x 80" / 152 x 203 cm)
- King (76" x 80" / 193 x 203 cm)

Sheets include ground wire plug, for use with a standard three-prong (grounded) household electrical outlet.


It is recommended that you disconnect your earthing devices and don't use them during electrical storms. Be sure that your grounding sheets don't come in contact with body creams and oils, which can reduce conductivity.

Product Options:
Twin - $229.99
Full - $239.99
Queen - $249.99
King - $269.99