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Redmond Earthpaste, newer packaging style

Earthpaste - Redmond Clay Toothpaste

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Info: 113g per Tube; Available in Several Flavours

Earthpaste is toothpaste made with natural, unprocessed sea salt (Real Salt) and Redmond Clay, with added essential oils and Xylitol. Unlike other toothpastes, it contains no whitening or foaming additives - just natural clay from Redmond, Utah, that has been traditionally used by the Fremont First Nations people for its healthful qualities. 

Product Notes:

RealSalt sea salt is all natural as well, with nothing added or extracted. Just a few ingredients -- everything your mouth needs to feel clean, and nothing extra. Amazingly natural toothpaste.

Earth Paste contains no glycerin, fluoride, artificial colouring, or foaming agents.

Product packaging may be slightly different than shown (the Canadian versions are bilingual).

Video Transcript

First time using Earthpaste? Earthpaste is a lot more natural than other toothpaste, so you're going to notice a few differences. Earthpaste doesn't have chemical thickeners, carrageenan, emulsifiers, so you'll have better luck if you hold the tube vertically.

The first time you see Earthpaste you may think there's been a mistake. Most toothpaste includes the same chemical used to make paint and vinyl fences white. If it looks like mud, at least it's healthy, delicious mud.

Once you start brushing you'll notice that Earthpaste doesn't foam like other toothpastes. That's because Earth Paste doesn't have foaming agents like SLS or others. These chemicals are often associated with canker sores. While you adjust to the absence of foam, rest assured that foam doesn't actually clean your teeth.

Ever wondered why most toothpaste tubes include a poison warning? Not Earthpaste. We never add sodium fluoride as others do. In fact, every ingredient in Earthpaste has been used to support good health. Go ahead and swallow as much as you like. There's no glycerin in Earthpaste either, so you aren't left with that slimy film.

Your teeth are clean and smooth and can re-mineralize just like nature intended. After a week you'll wonder why other companies include so many chemicals that you don't need for a clean, fresh mouth. You won't believe how smooth your teeth are, and neither will she.


Cinnamon: Purified Water, Food Grade Redmond Clay, Xylitol, Cinnamon Essential Oil, Redmond Real Salt, Tea Tree Oil.

Lemon Twist: Purified Water, Food Grade Redmond Clay, Xylitol, Redmond Real Salt, Lemon Essential Oil, Lemon Verbena Essential Oil, Tangerine Essential Oil, Lime Essential Oil.

Peppermint: Purified Water, Food Grade Redmond Clay, Xylitol, Peppermint Essential Oil, Menthol, Redmond Real Salt, Tea Tree Oil.

Spearmint: Purified Water, Food Grade Redmond Clay, Redmond Real Salt, Spearmint Essential Oil, Menthol, Tea Tree Oil.

Wintergreen: Purified Water, Food Grade Redmond Clay, Xylitol, Wintergreen Essential Oil, Menthol, Redmond Real Salt, Tea Tree Oil.

Suggested Usage:

Earthpaste on a brush

Wet brush before applying. For best flow, stand tube upright. Earth paste is safe to eat. Rinse or swallow at your discretion - either would be fine.

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Cinnamon - $8.99 - UPC: 018788105244
Lemon Twist - $8.99 - UPC: 018788105664
Peppermint - $8.99 - UPC: 018788105282
Spearmint - $8.99 - UPC: 018788105701
Wintergreen - $8.99 - UPC: 01878810532