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Elan - Organic Nuts
Elan - Organic Nuts

Elan - Organic Nuts

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UPC Code: 805509082409

Info: Various Types and Sizes; All Currently Out of Stock

Nuts! Get your pure, whole (by and large) certified organic nuts, here! ...whether for snacking or baking, or for topping ice cream or other desserts. They all come in resealable bags, with no GMO-ingredients or gluten in any of them. Choose between Almonds (which have many vitamins and minerals and a lot of fiber and unsaturated fatty acids); Brazil nuts (which have selenium, and are a great antioxidant, high in vitamin E); Cashews (a good source of protein, to help with athletic activities, and which have essential fatty acids which can help reduce cholesterol levels); Pecans (which also have antioxidants that can help prevent age-related diseases, and which can also reduce cholesterol and have several important minerals); Walnuts (which have all that and more, and may be able to help your concentration as well as boost your energy); and Hazelnuts and Pistachios (which have cardiovascular benefits).

Product Notes:

Each type contains just the organic nut type listed, except for the Sea-Salted shelled Pistachios (which may not be currently available), and the Tamari Almonds, which contain Organic almonds and soya sauce (water, organic soy beans, sea salt, organic alcohol). (Tamari is a traditional savory Japanese sauce made from soybeans.)

Barcodes and country of origin for each type:

Raw Brazil Nuts (185g, 6.5 oz) from Bolivia &/or Peru: 805509082409

Raw Cashews (185g, 6.5 oz) from India &/or Vietnam: 805509082287

Raw Pecans (125g, 4.4 oz) from the USA: 805509082508

Raw Almonds (200g, 7.1 oz) from Spain: 805509082201

Raw Pistachios, De-Shelled (135g, 4.8 oz) from USA, Spain: 805509082478

Sea-Salted Pistachios, in Shells (145g, 5.1 oz), from USA: 805509082454

Tamari Almonds (175g, 6.2 oz) from Canada: 805509082218

Hazelnuts (150g, 5.3 oz) from Turkey: 805509082478

Walnuts (150g, 5.3 oz) from the USA: 805509082355


Allergen alert: each type may contain tree nuts.
UPC Code: 805509082409