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Erbology - Organic Apricot Kernel Oil

Erbology - Organic Apricot Kernel Oil

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Info: 100 ml Amber Glass Bottle

The oil extracted from apricot kernels through cold-pressing can be consumed either solely for its gently sweet, fruity and botanical flavour or for its anti-inflammatory properties, or used topically to reduce inflammation and help produce a healthy glow in skin.

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Product Notes:

The "kernels" of apricots are the seeds or pits contained within their harder middle core; they look very much like almonds, and have a nutty flavour with a hint of amaretto. They contain healthy plant-based monounsaturated fatty acids (but no cholesterol), as well as polyphenols (antioxidants), protein, iron, and vitamin E.

Prized by the Himalayan Hunza people famous for their longevity and good health, dried apricot kernels have been consumed by some people because of the amygdalin they contain, a "cyanogenic glucoside" that has been used to produce laetrile, a compound used by some as an alternative therapy for some health conditions.

Another aspect of apricot kernel oil which may be of interest to those with irritable bowel disease or syndrome is that there have been some animal studies suggesting it to help combat inflammation and/or ulcers in the gastrointestinal tract.

But where it's really coming into its own is in the skin care realm. With its combination of oleic (omega-9), linoleic (omega-6) and linolenic acids, and containing several types of polyphenols with potent antioxidant effects (including quercetin and rutin), it may benefit dry, mature, inflamed, or sensitive skin. As a light, non-greasy emollient/moisturizing oil, it can be absorbed by the skin quite easily.

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100% organic cold-pressed oil from apricot kernels (Prunus armeniaca (L.)) sustainably sourced in Italy.

Suggested Usage:

You can take up to one tablespoon of Apricot Kernel Oil a day, either 'neat', or integrated into your favourite recipes. For example, you could add it to salad dressings or dips, or to yogurt, or to prepared porridge or other breakfast bowls. It does not hold up well to heat, however, so only use it as a topping or 'finish' – don't cook with it.

For topical use, apply a small amount to the skin at night. Or add some to your own face or body creams, lotions, or balms, or hair care products (to get more shine). Or try it as a facial massage!

Store the amber glass bottle in a cool, dark place (no refrigeration required), and please recycle after use.

Supporting Science:

“Anti-inflammatory effect of Prunus armeniaca L. (Apricot) extracts ameliorates TNBS-induced ulcerative colitis in rats.” Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 2014.

“Gastroprotective effect of apricot kernel oil in ethanol-induced gastric mucosal injury in rats.” Biotechnic & Histochemistry: Official Publication of the Biological Stain Commission, 2018.

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