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Erbology - Organic Aronia Juice

Erbology - Organic Aronia Juice

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Info: 250 ml Glass Bottle - Available in Store Only

The fruit of the Aronia shrub (also known as Chokeberry) originated here in North America but has also been widely cultivated in Europe. Due to its pigments, it's extremely high in antioxidants, with its juice providing up to ten times more anthocyanins and flavonoids than cranberry juice.

Available in Store Only

Product Notes:

Aronia juice has a tart/sweet taste, with blueberry and pomegranate notes, with tannins similar to those in red wine.

Aronia contains many minerals and other useful microelements such as manganese, copper, molybdenum, boron, iodine, and cobalt, but doesn't accumulate heavy metals or toxic elements such as lead, tin, cadmium, arsenic.

Studies suggest aronia is a heart-healthy fruit which may have a beneficial impact on increasing immune defenses and reducing blood glucose levels and chronic low-grade inflammation and possibly lowering blood pressure, to help protect against cardiovascular diseases.

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100% organic aronia berries, sustainably sourced from small independent farms in Eastern Europe. Undiluted and unsweetened.

Suggested Usage:

Delicious on its own, neat, or add some to a glass of water or fruit juice, or incorporate into your favourite smoothies.

Supporting Science:

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