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Escali - 9 Volt Adapter

Escali - 9 Volt Adapter

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Info: For use with Aqua, Alimento & Pana Scales

This 9 Volt Adapter can be used in lieu of the batteries to power quite a number of Escali scales, including their Alimento NSF, Primo NSF (but not the non-NSF version of the Primo, which only uses 3 volts), Pana, Aqua and L-Series scales. Note, when an adapter is attached, the auto shut-off feature of these scales (which is designed to save the batteries) will be deactivated. This particular adapter will NOT work with Escali's M-series scales, however, which need a different adapter (with the reverse polarity on its connector).

Product Notes:

Input: 120 Volts A/C, 60 Hz
Output: 9VDC, 100mA