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Escali Cesto Nutritional Scale
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Escali - Cesto Nutritional Scale

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Info: Portable Nutritional Scale, Model 115N

This innovative, portable, super-slim scale is designed to provide weight and nutritional information on up to 999 pre-programmed common food products. Readings can be provided in either ounces, grams, fluid ounces, or milliliters. The readout will display seven different nutritional ratings: fat, carbohydrates, cholesterol, fiber, calories, sodium, and protein.


  • Capacity: The scale can measure up to 11 pounds or 5,000 grams
  • Measuring units: displays weights in either Ounces, Pounds+Ounces, or grams; and liquids in either fluid ounces or milliliters
  • Accurately measures in 0.1 oz or 1 gram increments
  • Can display how many Calories or how much Sodium, Protein, Fat, Carbohydrates, Cholesterol or Fiber the weighed items contains by inputting one of the 999 different applicable food codes
  • Can calculate the total nutritional value of up to 99 different meal components
  • Tare Feature lets you reset the scale back to zero. When using a container, the scale can subtract the container's weight to derive the weight of just its contents (using the Add & Weigh feature)
  • Automatic shut-off: The scale will automatically turn off when it not used for a set time, to ensure long battery life (uses model CR2032 Lithium 3 Volt button batteries, as many computers do)
  • Weighing platform made of easy to clean glass
  • Dimensions 8.75 x 6.25 x 0.63" (22 x 16 x 1.5 cm)


Download the Escali Nutritional Scale Operating Manual and Food Code List (pdf, about 900 kb)

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