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Espro - Espro Press
Diagram of two-stages of Espro Press filters

Espro - Espro Press

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Info: Available in 18 or 32 oz size

As beautiful as it is functional and ingeniously designed, the Espro Press is the sophisticated way to enjoy your morning or afternoon cup of coffee. Of course it has all the regular benefits of a French press, but it's the perks that will make you fall in love with it. Why settle for a regular French press when you can let the Espro Press impress you - and your coffee - so perfectly?

Product Notes:

Visually stunning, this double-walled vacuum-insulated press is equipped with twin microfilters carefully designed to let all the flavour and richness through and none of the sludge. A seal prevents overbrewing - once the press is completed, the pressed grounds will not steep any further - and the vacuum walls ensure that the drink stays hot - no more rapidly cooling pressed coffee. And when you're finished, the Espro Press comes apart easily for uncomplicated cleaning

The first video above is an introduction to the main features of the Espro Press, showing it in operation. The second video shows and explains how to disassemble and clean the Espo Press, while the second product image is a diagram of how the two-stage filter is assembled.

The 18 oz / 530 ml size can make up to 2 US cups of coffee, using between 4 and 7 tablespoons of coarse grind, steeped for 4 minutes; UPC: 030955193137

The 32 oz / 950 ml size can make 3 or 4 US cups of coffee, using between 6 and 12 tablespoons of coarse grind; UPC : 030955193083

Product Options:
Medium (makes 18 oz) - $119.99 - UPC: 030955193137
Large (makes 32 oz) - $149.99 - UPC: 030955193083