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Excalibur - Dehydrator Drying Sheets

Excalibur - Dehydrator Drying Sheets

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Info: 1 Drying Sheet

For use with Excalibur dehydrators. Super flexible non-stick sheets for fruit leathers, rollups, taffies, crackers and much more... Easy to clean and reusable for years. Don't be fooled by fakes! There are people selling generic versions of our sheets that are not of the highest quality and will not last as long as our trademarked ParaFlexx sheets.

The 11"x11" sheets are for use with Excalibur's 4-tray dehydrator, while the 14"x14" sheets are compatible with Excalibur's 5 and 9-Tray models.

Product Notes:

What is it?
A washable, reusable sheet that fits the Excalibur dehydrator trays.

Why use it?
For sticky, wet, or liquid items, a sheet is necessary to prevent sticking or leaking through the plastic mesh of the dehydrator trays (ie crackers, pancakes, fruit leather, etc.)

How do I use it?
Place wet items on the sheet. If making an item that is to be completely dried, flipping midway through may be required.

ParaFlexx sheets are made with a non-stick technology and are rated for food contact for up to 500F (260C). The non-stick product is applied using a laying process, much different from the process of spraying (used with pots/pans) that can begin to breakdown with high heat and improper use.

Optional -- Ultra Silicone Sheets -- (14"x14") New and Improved! Non-stick, odorless, and have the Excalibur Logo printed on them. All you have to do to make great tasting treats and snacks is pour puréed fruits or yogurt and P-E-E-L.

These sheets can also be used as baking sheet and are coated with high grade silicone for good non-stick properties. They are easy to clean and can be used time and time again. These sheets are a great alternative to the Premium sheets; while not as effective as the Premium sheets, they offer a good non-stick surface.