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Relaxus Exerfit Resistance Bands box
Relaxus Exerfit Resistance Bands out of box
Exerfit resistance band in use

Relaxus - Exerfit Resistance Bands

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Info: Set of 3: Light, Medium & Heavy Resistance

Chart on the 3 Exerfit bands

Physical fitness or rehab equipment doesn't have to cost the Earth or involve bulky machines or clunky weights! Get a gym-in-a-box, with this Multiple Resistance Full Body Workout Kit from Relaxus. Each (5 by 6.5 inch) box contains a set of 3 stretchable bands, which offer light, medium and heavy resistance, for effective yet low-impact workouts which are easier on the joints.

Product Notes:

The Exerfit Resistance Bands are made of latex-free TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomers: a mixture of plastic and rubber), and are 12.7 cm (5") wide and 182 cm (71") long, and range in thickness between .25 mm and .45 mm each for progressively more resistance as you improve. An individual band folds up to just 4 by 5 by 1/2 an inch thick, so can easily be toted in a purse, coat pocket, or backpack pocket to use elsewhere.

Suggested Usage:

Easy to transport and use anywhere there's room to sit or move around: home, gym, office, hotel.

Can do a full body workout with them: including arms, chest, legs, back, or glutes.

As your strength, flexibility, and range of motion improve, move to the next band/ level of resistance.

Also ideal for rehabilitation from certain types of injuries or surgeries, such as sprains or ligament repairs (when directed to do so by your surgeon or physiotherapist).

UPC / Barcode: 628949093855