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EZHealth - Cristal - Blood Pressure Monitor
Two sides of Cristal ABP-C1 model box, highlighting its features

EZHealth - Cristal - Blood Pressure Monitor

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Info: One Monitor (and Accessories)

S&H included in Canada. When you have hypertension, it is important to be able to monitor your blood pressure wherever you are. Matter of fact, that's why the American Heart Association, American Society of Hypertension, and Preventative Cardiovascular Nurses Association have recommended that home blood pressure monitoring should become routine for those with hypertension. That's why EZHealth has designed and crafted the Cristal Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor.

Product Notes:

Easy to use, lightweight, transportable and clinically validated, Cristal can be with you at home or on the go. With an ultra-thin liquid crystal display, large type, and two arm cuffs, the Cristal is visually appealing and incredibly practical. Add in a low consumption, silent pump and irregular heartbeat detection and you have an incredible professional quality blood pressure monitoring machine right with you at all times.

The EZHealth Cristal Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor model ABP-C1 comes with a carrying case, four AA 1.5V alkaline batteries, an AC adapter, a regular and large sized cuff, and also features automatic inflation and deflation for the cuffs.

With its digital LCD display, it can even double as a handy and attractive tabletop clock, calendar, and thermometer in-between uses -- as shown on the bottom of the second of the two photos of different faces of its box, where it shows the time of 8:40 (with a tiny P for PM) and a temperature of 25 Celsius, in the extra large digits (and 78 F in the smaller ones), with the 9/23 month and day in small digits on the left corner.

Suggested Usage:

Position the cuff around your upper arm. Press the start button and let the pump fill the cuff. Your blood pressure will display on the device.

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