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Feelz Good Massaging Hair Brush

Feelz Good Massaging Hair Brush

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Info: 1 Hairbrush; Available in 2 Sizes; Batteries Not Included

Relax and release tension with the scalp stimulating Feelz Good Massaging Hair Brush. Feelz Good Massaging Hair Brush features two speed settings that stimulate scalp massage, help increase circulation, detangles hair, and increases volume of your hair. This unique massaging brush generates charged ions that give your hair a thicker and fuller appearance, as well as decreases stress and tension.

Product Notes:

Travel-sized Feelz Good Massaging Hair Brush

The soft circular nodules that coat the top of each bristle provide gentle relaxation for scalp, while also enabling you style your hair. The Feelz Good Massaging Hair Brush from Zadro will give your scalp and hair a style experience that you will look forward to every day! Requires 2 AA batteries, not included with the brush

Travel Size (7 inches/18 cm in length) (the one shown in these photos)
Regular Size (9 inches/23 cm in length)

Suggested Usage:

Stay on top - massage your head; or try the massaging benefits other places you need some stress relief: neck , shoulders, back and any other spots that feel tense.

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Travel Sized - $11.99 - UPC: 705004419734
Regular Size - $14.99 - UPC: 705004419741