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Extending fingers through 8 Hole Soft Elastic Finger Grip Exerciser
Gripping ball in center of 8 Hole Soft Elastic Finger Grip Exerciser
6 exercises for  8 Hole Finger Grip Exerciser

Finger Exerciser and Hand Strengthener

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8-Hole Soft Elastic Finger Grip Exerciser and Hand Strengthener

This squeeze/stretch ball is a great fun way to work on your grip, strengthen your finger extensors and abductor muscles, AND relieve stress all at the same time. 

Product Notes:

This palm-sized, pliable device, which is shaped a bit like a ringed planet like Saturn, can be used virtually any time you have your hands free, such as on your commute, or while chatting on the phone, or watching TV.

You can use this for rehab for a hand or finger injury or operation; or to keep limber to fend off arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, or repetitive strain injury; or to build strength and flexibility for activities requiring manual dexterity such as keyboarding, gaming, sports, or playing the guitar or other musical instruments.

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Made of TPE (thermoplastic elastomers), a highly elastic, soft and durable material.


The squeezable ball / 'planet' in the center is 5 cm (about 2") in diameter; the outside 'planet ring' which your fingers go through is 10.5 cm (about 4") in diameter in the resting position, and 1.5 cm high. Each side of the triangular-shaped individual holes in it are 1.5 cm wide to begin with, but they easily stretch to fit.