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Fissler - Crispy Ceramic Classic Fry Pan
Close-up of enamelled surface of Fissler Crispy Ceramic Classic Pan

Fissler - Crispy Ceramic Classic Fry Pan

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Info: Several Sizes Available

Their consistent ability to create crisp outsides and hot, savoury interiors in fried food will have you reaching repeatedly for your Fissler Crispy Ceramic Classic Frypan. It is enameled with an extremely durable and easy-to-clean ceramic sealed surface, which is mineral-based and PFOA-free. This exceptionally hard cooking surface is resistant to scratches, even from metal cooking utensils, and can withstand temperatures all the way up to 400C (752F).

Product Notes:

These Fissler fry pans have an all black, slightly glossy exterior; a wide-rim design which enables dripless pouring; and a comfortable, ergonomic handle, with a hanging eyelet and a hook-in feature for the optional Clippix Spatter Shield or the Premium Tempered Glass Lid. They come with a 5 Year Guarantee from the Manufacturer.

They have an easy to clean thermo base with heat conduction lines for optimal heat distribution, which works with electric, gas, and especially radiant/ glass ceramic surfaces. Please note, these pans are not of the right composition to be used with induction cooktops, however.

Please see our category page to learn more about the Fissler Cookware Line.

Barcodes and Further Dimensions for each size:

20 cm / 7.9 inch Top Diameter -- Bottom Diameter: 14.5 cm; for use on a 14.5 cm diameter element. UPC: 4009209340319

24 cm / 9.5 inch Top Diameter -- Bottom Diameter: 18.5 cm; for use on an 18 cm diameter element. UPC: 4009209340326

28 cm / 11 inch Top Diameter -- Bottom Diameter: 22.5 cm; for use on either an 18 or a 22 cm diameter element. UPC: 4009209340340

Suggested Usage:

For frying heartier fare, the Fissler Ceramic Classic Frypan fries meatballs, potatoes, sausages, and traditional foods such as perogies and schnitzels to a fantastic finish. Especially suited for glass-ceramic surface stoves, these pans can be used on any conventional stovetop.


Please use some oil or fat each time you use your pan to ensure its longevity.

Product Options:
20cm Top Diameter, 1.1L Capacity - $99.99 - UPC: 4009209340319
24cm Top Diameter, 2.0L Capacity - $119.99 - UPC: 4009209340326
28cm Top Diameter, 3.0L Capacity - $139.99 - UPC: 4009209340340