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Fissler - Maxeo Ceramic Comfort Frying Pan
Side view showing bottom of Fissler Maxeo Ceramic Comfort fry pan

Fissler - Maxeo Ceramic Comfort Frying Pan

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Info: Available in 3 Sizes; Limited Stock Remaining

The Maxeo Ceramic Comfort frying pans by Fissler are for use on all stove types, including induction. Based on a special type of mineral manufacturing, the ceramic nonstick sealing on the cooking surface of these frypans is extremely hard, resistant to scratches (including from metal utensils) or damage, can tolerate heat up to 400C/752F (which is conducive to frying things very crispy), and provides an easy-to-clean surface.

Product Notes:

The stainless steel superthermic base on the Maxeo Ceramic Comfort Frying Pan is quite durable, and offers very good heat conduction, is resistant to scratches and corrosion, and cleans easily. The rim of these pans is wider than most, to enable dripless pouring. These German made fry pans also feature Fissler's distinctive, incredibly comfortable handle, which also features a clip-in hook that's compatible with both their Clippix Spatter Shield lid and the Premium Tempered Glass Lid (sold separately).

Fissler's "Maxeo Ceramic Comfort" pans have also been marketed and labeled as "Maxeo Comfort" and "Ceramic Comfort" frypans.

Use these Fissler pans for all-purpose frying, or for an extra crispy finish.

5 Year Guarantee from the Manufacturer.

To ensure the longevity of your Fissler pans, please use some oil or fat when frying.

Barcodes and Further Dimensions for each size:

20 cm / 7.9 inch Top Diameter -- Bottom Diameter: 14.5 cm; for use on up to a 14.5 cm diameter stove element. UPC: 4009209340272 
24 cm / 9.5 inch Top Diameter -- Bottom Diameter: 18.5 cm; for use on up to an 18 cm diameter element. UPC: 4009209318967 

28 cm / 11 inch Top Diameter -- Bottom Diameter: 22.5 cm; for use on up to a 22 cm diameter element. UPC: 4009209319001

Product Options:
20cm Top Diameter, 1.1L Capacity - $139.99 - UPC: 4009209340272
24cm Top Diameter, 2.0L Capacity - $159.99 - UPC: 4009209318967
28cm Top Diameter, 3.0L Capacity - $199.99 - UPC: 4009209319001