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Fissler - Large Quattro Vitaquick Pressure Cooker Set

Fissler - Large Quattro Vitaquick Pressure Cooker Set

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UPC / Barcode: 4009209336961

Info: 8L (8.45Qt) and 4L (4.22Qt) - Quattro Set

This set is currently unavailable, please see the 6L (6.34 Qt) and 2.5L (2.6 Qt) Quattro Set.

S&H Included in Canada. This brilliant Vitaquick Pressure Cooker Quattro Set by Fissler includes a 4L (4.22Qt) pressure skillet and an 8L (8.45Qt) pressure cooker with a perforated insert, tripod and glass lid.

Product Notes:

Safe, simple to use, and easy to clean. Fissler’s UL-listed Vitaquick pressure cookers perfectly combine the latest technology and attractive modern design with their patented safety valves and large indicator rods. This pressure cooker series is perfect for preparing foods of all kinds in a healthy, nutritious and easy manner. Unlike the pressure cookers of the past, Vitaquick pressure cookers are silent and feature multiple safety mechanisms including an automated pressure valve, so you can relax while it prepares the perfect meal for you less time.

UPC / Barcode: 4009209336961