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Model no. 032-691-00-205/0 Gasket

Fissler - 26cm Silicone Rubber Gasket

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Info: Various Silicone Gaskets for Pressure Cookers; Limited Stock Remaining

These silicone rubber gaskets are replacements for certain models of Fissler Pressure Cookers and Pressure Skillets with an inner diameter of 26 cm.

Product Notes:

Please note that sizes are available for both the Vitaquick and the Blue-Point models, but there is enough of a difference between the two models that you will want to ensure you select the appropriate one for you. The gaskets are fairly alike in appearance but they are not the same (images shown are representative, not exactly showing each available similar variation).

 Gasket Sizes, Applications & Barcodes:

26cm (10.2") diameter, Model no. 032-691-00-205/0: For the Blue-Point, Vitavit Royal (1994 to 1998) & Vitavit Magic models, and also for certain older Vitaquicks (if built before 2009). This gasket has three very slim slits at the 12, 4, and 7 o'clock positions on its outer edge, and a ridge all along the inside, like the one pictured in the main product photo. UPC: 4009209206523.

A section  the model 600-000-26-795 gasket26cm (10.2") diameter, Model no. 600-000-26-795: For newer (if built after 2009) Vitaquicks, Vitavit Comfort, & Vitavit Premium, and Vitavit Edition models; but NOT for Blue-Point models. This gasket has seven notches about five inches apart, on its outer edge; a groove on the outer rings (both on the top and the bottom), and a groove inside, punctuated with a series of about 1-inch wide slots about every four inches, as illustrated with a section shown here. UPC: 4009209307718.

Product Options:
26cm - for Blue-Point and other pre-2009 models - $32.50 - UPC: 4009209206523
26cm - for post-2009 Vitaquicks etc but NOT for Blue-Point - $43.50 - UPC: 4009209307718