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Folki - Oral Oasis Organic Mouth Spray

Folki - Oral Oasis Organic Mouth Spray

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Info: 55 ml Pump-Action Spray Bottle

If you suffer from dry mouth (a common side effect of many medications) or have other oral health or sore throat issues, try this new Organic Mouth & Throat Spray featuring Spilanthes. Folki Oral Oasis also blends three other herbs with complementary properties to kill germs and promote saliva production: oregano, peppermint, and hysop (which may be able to help tighten the gums to keep the mouth more hygienic).

Product Notes:

Spilanthes is a medicinal plant mainly found in warmer areas like India, Africa and South America, but which is being grown by this small ecologically-conscious company on their organic farm on Vancouver Island. A member of the Asteraceae or daisy family, other names for Spilanthes include Toothache Plant, Paracress, Electric Daisy, Jambu, and Buzz or Szechuan buttons. It has been used as a traditional herbal medicine in some areas to reduce toothache pain and to induce saliva secretion, and to reduce stammering, tongue paralysis, sore throats, and gum infections, and it appears to have antiseptic, antibacterial, and antifungal effects.


Distilled water, *ethyl alcohol (grain-free), *spilanthes, *oregano, *peppermint, *hyssop, *glycerine (plant-derived).

* = Certified organic by Ecocert Canada.

Suggested Usage:

Spray when needed for optimum oral health. Spray one to two times into the mouth. Safe if swallowed.


Keep out of reach of children.

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