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Foods Alive - Non-Synthetic Nutritional Yeast

Foods Alive - Non-Synthetic Nutritional Yeast

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Info: 170 g (6 oz) Resealable Bag - Currently Unavailable

Temporarily Unavailable, see Vege-Yeast.

Foods Alive Nutritional Yeast is a complete protein (with all 18 amino acids), contains many trace minerals, and is very rich in B-Vitamins, particularly Niacin and Vitamins B5 and B6. And unlike some types of nutritional yeast, this was only created from non-GMO foodstuffs (not from the by-products of breweries, distilleries, or paper mills, so there was no need for it to be solvent-extracted, synthetically preserved or irradiated), and all its vitamins and minerals occur naturally (rather than being fortified with synthetic B-Vitamins, as many brands are).

Product Notes:

Saccharomyces cerevisiae is a type of fungus, a tiny plant-like microorganism which grows on the skins of grapes and other fruits and feeds on sugar, which people have learned to cultivate for a variety of purposes, including to make bread (Baker's Yeast) and to ferment beer or wine (Brewer's Yeast). Nutritional Yeast (sometimes called Engevita Yeast) is made from it, too, but differs in several respects: its enzymes are deactivated (it has no leavening power -- it cannot make dough rise); it's gluten-free (since it has not come in contact with barley, as brewer's yeast often is); and it's specifically been created to serve both as a condiment (with a great nutty cheesy flavor) and as a source of nutrition, by being grown with a diet of nutrient rich food (beet molasses) to boost its vitamin and mineral content.


Dried yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae), which was cultured with a mixture of sugar cane and beet molasses, then harvested, washed, dried, and packaged, in the USA.

This Nutritional Yeast is considered non-GMO, following EEC regulations. Its American supplier is NGE CERTIFIED (certified non-genetically engineered), and the product contains no GMO enzymes, and GMO testing has shown there is no GMO protein or DNA in the raw materials used as its growth substrate.

Contains no added sugars or preservatives; no artificial flavours or colours; no Candida albicans, MSG, or free amino acids like glutamic or aspartic acid; and is free of synthetic vitamins and minerals.

Suggested Usage:

Use as a seasoning for salad, soup, gravy, casseroles; or sprinkle some on hot popcorn or garlic bread; or add a spoonful to cereals, juices, or smoothies.

This product has a shelf life of two years, and is best when stored in a cool, dry place.


Allergy alert: Packaged in a facility that uses nuts.

UPC Code: 891551000478