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Relaxus Curved Bamboo Foot File with Pumice

Relaxus - Curved Bamboo Foot File with Pumice

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This file is designed to exfoliate your feet, to prepare them for moisturizing or healing creams, for renewed growth, and/or to enable shaving off unsightly calluses and dead skin to leave them feeling smoother and softer. Its Bamboo wood handle is ergonomically designed for easy gripping. The file is flat on one side, and has a slight curved groove, on the other (which is good for the back of the ankle), and has natural pumice on all sides. It can be used wet or dry, and includes a hole on the end of its handle with a rope attached, for hanging it to dry.

Product Notes:

Dimensions: 12 inches long, up to 1-13/16 inches wide, and up to 1/2" thick.