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Frieling - Sitram - Profiserie Half Stockpot Set

Frieling - Sitram - Profiserie Half Stockpot Set

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Info: Available in 13.7 or 19.8 Quart Size; Includes Lid

Info: Available in 13.7 or 19.8 Quart Size; Includes Lid

S&H included in Canada. The Profiserie (also known Prestige Pro or PPRO1) line of professional quality cookware made in France by Sitram is appreciated all over the world for its durability, heat diffusing performance, ergonomic fittings and easy cleaning. They have been tested to the strictest health and safety standards, and are made to be strong enough to stand up to restaurant use. These big NSF-certified soup or stock pots have large tubular stay-cool handles, with reinforced fittings spot-welded for durability; a three-ply bottom consisting of a 5 mm (0.2") thick aluminum disk in the middle between two layers of 18/10 stainless steel provides excellent, even heat distribution and keeps its shape very well; and come with matching lids, which have a small ventilation hole. They are both oven and dishwasher safe.

Product Notes:

Top view of Lid and Handles of Sitram 19.8 Quart half stockpot

Suitable for: All types of stove hobs, including induction
Shape: Straight
Polishing: Inside matte / outside matte
Material: Stainless steel 18/10
Thickness: 0.6-08mm
Bottom: Sandwich of 3mm stainless steel, and aluminum, and 0.5mm/stainless steel 430
Fitment: Welded stainless steel matte aspect handles
Lid: Stainless steel 202
* 13.7 qt. Profiserie Half Stockpot: 12" diameter, 7-3/4" height (not including handles or lid)
* 19.8 qt. Profiserie Half Stockpot: 13-1/2" diameter, 9-1/2" height (not including handles or lid)

Suggested Usage:

This cookware for creating the soup broth is composed of a heat-activated alloy which must be pre-heated for optimum stick-resistance.


Always use an oven mitt when using cookware with metal handles or knobs to avoid any risk of burn.

Product Options:
13 L (13.7 US quarts) - $299.99 - UPC: 0052097020164
18.7 L (19.8 US quarts) - $339.99 - UPC: 0052097020171