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Norpro Frost Pop Maker
Norpro Frost Pop Maker in use, with stand completely filled
Norpro Frost Pop Maker in use, with some prepared items out

Norpro - Frost Pop Maker

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Info: 8 Frost Pop Molds and Freezer Stand

Norpro's Frost Pop Makers allow you to make fresh frozen treats at home where you can either keep it simple or go for gourmet. Included in this kit are 8 Frost Pop molds, made out of a durable plastic; 8 reusable handles, made out of an anti-slip soft material, which include a drip-catching tray; and a freezer stand, which also provides more stability and easy carrying if you take them all out to serve at once (though they can be removed individually). The slim profile of these fudgsicle-shaped molds makes for a smaller footprint in the freezer to hold the stand compared to more cylindrical-shaped ones, and the wider width of each item enables you to prepare more elegant frozen treat with layering or fruit designs displayed in the frozen surface, if you desire. Three recipe ideas with photos are included on the side of the box.

Product Notes:

Norpro's Frost Pop Maker set yields: 8 x 60 ml / 2 oz frost pops.

Suggested Usage:

Create countless variations of Frost Pops from simple and fun to complex and gourmet, with any combination of ingredients. Try using fruit, juice, milks and even puddings. Three recipe ideas are included to help you get started.


If you have difficulty extracting the treat from the mold, run it under hot water for a few seconds.
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