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Fuel Bento Lunch Box, inside compartments
Fuel Bento Lunch Box

Fuel - Bento Lunch Box

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Info: Green; 6.7 x 2.6 x 10 inches; Limited Quantity Remaining in Stock

The Bento Lunch Box by Fuel will inspire you to beat lunchtime boredom and create meals that are as fun to pack and unpack as they are to eat.  The compact rectangular container features a see-through lid, and contains two removable boxes/containers with slightly flexible lids. One of these removable boxes is sub-divided into three separate compartments, giving you the option to separate several kinds of food from each other (such as cheese, fruits, and a dip), while the other is roomy enough to hold a whole bagel, croissant, salad, or sandwich.

Product Notes:

Microwave-safe; food-grade material; BPA-free.

The Fuel line by Trudeau features products that are fun and simple to use, to make it easy to implement cost-effective daily habits which honour the 3Rs environmental values: reduce, reuse, and respect. The company itself is eco-friendly, and these products are free of BPA.

UPC / Barcode: 063562598859