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Full Circle - Cucumber Water Bottle

Full Circle - Cucumber Water Bottle

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Info: 590 ml (20 oz) Capacity

Craving more nutrition from your water? Full Circle's Cucumber Water Bottle is a dishwasher safe glass and BPA-free bottle that is designed to infuse your water with the crisp flavor of cucumber. Simply twist a washed cucumber into the removable slicer and drink away! This durable and portable water bottle makes it effortless for you to keep hydrated throughout the day, as well as giving you an extra boost of vitamins and minerals with each and every sip.

Product Notes:

Full Circle Cucumber Water Bottle with top taken off

The top of the bottle features a secure, but easy to open flip lid with a strainer-like design to ensure that only fresh, infused water passes through. In addition, the loop handle makes carrying this water bottle easy and convenient, no matter where your day takes you. Try the Cucumber Water Bottle today, and love the new taste of water!

Height: 9.5 inches high, when top is on and the clip for the drinking slot's opening is snapped in place.

Width: Slightly over 4 inches in diameter at the widest point at the clip, on top, with the glass botle narrowing to 2-1/4 inches in the middle.

Capacity: 591 ml / 20 ounces.

Suggested Usage:

1) Remove lid.

2) Fill bottle with water.
3) Insert a cucumber into the cone-shaped slicer at the top of the bottle, and Twist, to create spiral slices.

4) Set aside any surplus cucumber in the fridge for later.

5) Apply lid, and enjoy sipping the water when and where you need it.

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