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Full Circle - Hydrate Mate Glass Bottle

Full Circle - Hydrate Mate Glass Bottle

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Info: 473 ml (16oz); Available in Two Trim Colours

Hydration is key to a healthy body. Hydrate Mate travel bottle is made with durable glass, silicone base and BPA free TRITON™. The sleek hour-glass shape and silicone base are strategically designed to protect the bottle if it is unexpectedly dropped. This brilliantly sized travel bottle fits into a car cup holder, handbag, or backpack with ease. The removable top enables you to drink directly from the glass; letting you safely enjoy each sip without the worry of harmful plastic or the bitter taste of steel. Hydrate Mate also makes cleaning a breeze as it is dishwasher safe and easy to store. Drink yourself healthy with the colorful and eco-friendly Hydrate Mate Glass Bottle!


The Hydrate Mate Glass Bottles are fairly slender, being slightly over 2-1/2 inches at the bottom, but the loop on the lid is 3-3/8 inches at its widest point. They stand 8-3/4 inches tall, altogether.

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