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27W Bulb
Full Spectrum Lamp Replacement Bulb 27W (FML27/65)
Full Spectrum Lamp Replacement Bulb 27W (FML27/65)
Full Spectrum Lamp Replacement Bulb 27W (FML27/65)

Full Spectrum Lamp Replacement Bulb 27W (FML27/65)

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Info: 1 Replacement Bulb (FML27/65)

This quad, four-pin, full spectrum bulb features a colour temperature of 6500°K, perfect for preheat, instant-start, and rapid start lamp ballasts. This bulb is designed for use with a wide range of lamp makes including models from Adresso, Balanced Spectrum, Colux, Lights of America, Solarex, Sunter, Tensor, and many more. Buy a few today and know the comfort and convenience of having extra bulbs on hand – a truly bright idea!


Please note this is a replacement bulb only; lamp models sold separately. Cross reference information is designed to help you find the lamp you need for your application. We can not verify the accuracy of all this information provided by manufacturers. Check the shape of the base fitting carefully. You are responsible for ordering the correct bulb you need and we make every attempt to help you in that process. We recommend that you confirm the information with the equipment manufacturer before ordering.

Product Notes:

Closeup of 27 Watt Bulb connection

27 Watt Compact Fluorescent - Light Output: 1400 Lumens - Energy Used: 27 Watts (Replaces 100W Conventional) - Life: 10000 Hours. EIKO 6500° FML27/65 FML Tube. Base GX10Q-4.

Please check your bulb's base design against the one pictured here carefully before ordering.

Wattage: 27W. 27 watts of power equals 100 watts of incandescent light output. Glass: T-4, T4, FML Tube, Linear Quad Tube. Base: GX10q-4, 4-Pin, 4 Pronged. Initial Lumens: 1400 Lumen Light Output - Mean Lumens: 1260. Colour Temperature: 6500°K, 6500K,  Bright White, 65K. Color Rendering Index: CRI 82, CRI82. Maximum Overall Length: MOL 5.7"/145mm. Average Rated Life: 10,000 hours. Replaces ten 1,000 hour regular 100W light bulbs.

Lamp Brand Names:

Adesso Floor Lamp using PL 27W Lamp
Balanced Spectrum Desk Lamp MG-CAB01-14
File No.- E230863, MODEL- GX9906F, LAMP TYPE - FML27W
Balanced Spectrum Floor Lamp
Balanced Spectrum; 27WKFDL27EX-CW; Natural Daylight, Use only 27 Watt PL/F Type bulb replacements
Bell&Howell Floor Lamp, Bell+Howell Sunlight Floor Lamp
Bell & Howell Sunlight Desk Lamp
Bright As Day! Daylight Spectrum Lamp with Continuous Dimmer SI928, SI448CHR, SI481MTL, SI503CHR
CFML27VLX Lights of America 1127 1227 1327 9011 9012 9027
CH Lighting FML27W/D, FML 27W/D
Ergonomic Desk Lamp 120V 27W Model 807-W
E-Z Reader, Full Spectrum by Grandrich, ES101N/27W PL Floor Lamp
FML 27 EX - N bulbfot Bell & Howell daylight desk lamp
Full Spectrum EasyEye Natural Light Floor Lamp
Colux CD-026, CF-001
Cooper R10FML26W 64/4P
CustomSeaLife, Inc. PC27W71K-LQ 27 Watt 7100K Blue UPC# 05105 Linear Quad Lamp PowerCompact PowerCompacts Replacement
FC Model CD-026 portable luminaire, Lamp Item #: W14D4181
Grandrich Corp PL27QBX4PC 27W Spectrum Fluo Bulb Grand rich Corp 27 watt 4 pin, 4 tube CFL
GX Model 9906
Home Depot Portable Luminaire
HwaNi Lighting Industry Co. Inverter Stand with swing arm type
Lights of America 1127
#1227 Exec Sunlight Desklamp
LSP-801 - Aptos Floor Lamp By Lite Source, Inc., Mfr Product Id:  LSP-801IVY
LOA 6027, 9011, 9012, 9024, 9027 Lights of America fixtures Flood Light 65 watt # 500F65, and Exterior Yard Light - 600YL.  LOA#9166BC
Lights of America Desk Lamp - Sun Light Fluorex Technology
lights of america model desk lamp 1127 that accepts the 27 watt 1CF ML 27VLX tube
Model 1127 120V 60Hz 27W(265) 27 Watts Replacement Bulb RB9024B
FML27EX LOA9024BC 29024
MG-CA401-14 Floor Lamps
MONARK Sunlight Lamp
NFK Lite Mfg. Product PL-4026
FML27EX-D, 110V 60Hz, 27W 6400K for a natural light floor lamp
Grandrich Lamps full spectrum EZ-Reader Desk and Floor lamps, ES-101 and ES-201
PL/F 27W 6500K, Sunter Lighting, Manaul Daylight, Made in China
Portable Luminair Luminar 1127
PUF 27w 6500k bulb for a Balanced Spectrum floor light
Natural Sunlight PPR Direct, and YDW-27FM, Natural SunLight YDW-27MF Made in China
Sharper Image Light Bulb for the Bright As Day 27 watt
Solarex Desk Lamp CD-026
Solarex floor lamp model CF-004
Solarex CF-001
Sun Lamp reading lamp by Grandrich Corporation Model ES-101
SunLife 27W
Sunlight 61676 and 61677
Sunter Lighting FSL Certified 5A23
Sunter Lighting, Manual Daylight, Made in China
PL/F Type 27 Watt Lamp in Sunter Lighting Floor Lamp - Code GN4029FU1, Type 6500K
Sunpentown SL-810, SL-820,SL-811,SL-821,SL-600,SL-800
Tensor FSF141, FSF-141
Tensor lamp mobel FSF790
Tensor 27WFSPIN-CL, vison max (tm) 27W 6400K  type FML
The Light of Life-Floorlamp
Vision Max Visionmax 27W 6400K Tensor 27WFSPIN-CL 27WFSPINCL
Vision Max 6407
Executive Desk Lamps, Princeton Floor Lamp, HappyEyes & HappyEyes Deluxe Floor, Desk and Clamp Lamps, Oreck 3-in-1

Verilux: If you are seeking a replacement bulb for a Verilux lamp, please note that, while very similar in appearance to this 27 W bulb, most Verilux lamps use a slightly different base fitting that prevents this bulb from sitting properly. Most Verilux lamps use a proprietary base fitting. This bulb will not fit all Verilux lamps but may fit models including Heritage Deluxe Floor Lamp, Original Deluxe Floor, Desk and Clamp Lamps, Portable Lamp, EasyFlex Floor Lamp, Modern, Princeton, HappyEyes Clamp Lamp, and CFML27VLX. We have had customers with CFML27/65K that have unique bases that the FML27/65 does not fit. Please check the detailed shape of your bulb's base design carefully against the pictures above before ordering.

Alterative Part Numbers: FML27/65, FML-27W T506, 49315, 9024BC, 9024B, FML-27-EX-D, EK 0627, BN-702B, BN-702W, FML27W65K, FML27W6500K, Eiko 011920, FML27EXD, FML27/EX-D, FML27EX/N, H-2705M, FML-27W 6400K, YDN27-2H, FML 27W/D, 9024B.I , PL/F 27W, PLF27W, PL/F27, FML27EX-D, GX9906F, RB9024B, RB-9024B, 1800 Lumens, LOA-FML, GN4029FU-1, FML 27W6400K, FS11464, FS114-64, 27WKFDL27EX-CW, Natural Daylight, 20051205, 27WKFDL, 27EX-CW, APLQ27E27, 8-71078-00263-6, FPL27WIV, FPL-27WIV, 5323, FMLQ7EX-N97, 27WKFDL27EX-CW, E241712, BK-42,096, FEC, T708, 6C15.

UPC / Barcode: 031293493156