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Gamma2 - Gamma Seal Lids

Gamma2 - Gamma Seal Lids

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Info: For 3.5 to 7 Gallon Pails; Available in Several Colours

Large capacity pails can be invaluable for storing anything from bulk foods (including pet foods) to plaster or paint, or beer or wine mash or even drinking water, whether at home or work, or for camping or cottaging. But even though the snap-on lids which come with filled buckets continue to work for a while, eventually they become harder and harder to fit on securely, and perhaps more importantly, if they're storing something moist, you may soon find black mold growing along their outside rim which will be nearly impossible to eradicate completely and will keep growing back. These continually reusable lids are the perfect solution.

Product Notes:

Gamma Seal Lid Assembly

The Gamma2 lids fit almost any 12 inch outside diameter bucket or pail (which is standard for most food or laundry detergent pails), ranging from 3.5 to 7.0 U.S. gallons (up to 20 litres). You simply snap on the outside rim, in stages (which may need the help of a rubber mallet), then screw in the removable lid (which rotates shut very quickly with just a flick of the wrist). The two specially engineered gaskets ensure an airtight and spill proof seal when you shut it all the way, and it's made of silicone, which is washable and which has a very smooth surface which makes it very difficult for mold or mildew to take root.

Suggested Usage:

a Gamma2 Seal Lid unscrewed and then assembled

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Black - $13.99
Blue - $13.99
Green - $13.99
Orange - $13.99
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