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GEFU - Lemon Slice Squeezer

GEFU - Lemon Slice Squeezer

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Info: Stainless Steel

Lemon juice is best served fresh, but the time, effort, and mess required to squeeze fresh lemons every time you need them means that you probably don't use fresh lemon juice as often as you'd like at meals and in recipes. As well, it can be difficult to calculate how much juice you need to squeeze, particularly when the juice is used as a condiment or to add zest to tea; squeezing too much beforehand is a waste of lemons, and squeezing too little means you'll have to keep going back to the kitchen to squeeze more. GEFU's lemon slice squeezer is a wonderful response to this problem! Simply place a lemon in the squeezer, squeeze, and the juice comes out the lip right where and when you want it, with no awkward squirting. It's also great for use with limes!

Product Notes:

  • for squeezing lemon slices 
  • pouring lip serves to drip lemon juice straight onto fish, meat, salad etc., or into a cup of tea 
  • made of stainless steel - brushed outside, polished inside 
  • dishwasher safe .
UPC / Barcode: 4006664127400