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Giddy Yoyo Wild Chaga, new 100g bag style
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Giddy Yoyo - Raw Chaga

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Info: 100 g Bag

Giddy Yoyo's Raw Chaga wildcrafted mushrooms are grown in Canada's North and are gratefully and respectfully hand-harvested.  Chaga has been used as a tea for centuries to help boost the immune system, and is famous for its delicious vanilla/woodsy flavour. Very good and very nutritious.

Product Notes:

Chaga is a type of mushroom that grows on living birch trees and takes nutrients from the host tree.  The slow to mature Chaga mushrooms are carefully and selectively harvested; only mature mushrooms are taken from mature hosts, in order to ensure a healthy ecosystem, and to protect the natural beauty within the forest.


Raw chaga mushroom, tea cut.

Suggested Usage:

For a natural, caffeine-free tree, add boiling water to desired amount of Chaga for a nutrient-endowed drink, with a mild "vanilla-woodsy" flavour.
UPC Code: 838206003019