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GoBIO! - Organic Custard Mix

GoBIO! - Organic Custard Mix

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Info: 34 gram Pouch, in a Box

This easy-to-make dessert, which has been certified organic by OCCP/Pro-Cert Canada, only takes about ten minutes to prepare.

Product Notes:

GoBIO! Organic Custard Mix does not contain gluten or have any added sugar (you use your own sweetener, be it sugar, maple syrup, or Xylitol, etc., if desired). It's also vegetarian, does not contain or require eggs, and can be made with a dairy alternative. It makes two cups of pudding (four servings).


Organic Corn Starch, Organic Bourbon Vanilla Bean, Organic Turmeric.

Suggested Usage:

Measure out 2 cups (500ml) of milk (whether dairy, or soy, rice, or almond milk). Mix contents of pouch with 1/4 cup (60ml) of that, and add 2 tablespoons of your preferred sweetener. Set aside. Bring the remaining 1-3/4 cups of milk to a boil; then cut heat. Gradually whisk that first 1/4 cup mixture of pudding and sweetener into the hot milk. Bring to a short boil again, stirring constantly. Then pour that now-prepared pudding into a large bowl or into serving dishes. Serve either warm or chilled. Enjoy.

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