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GoBio! - Organic Gelatin Powder

GoBio! - Organic Gelatin Powder

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Info: 150g (5.3 oz) in One Big Pouch

This certified organic gelatin powder, which is easy to use, naturally clear, and without added colour or flavour, can be used in a wide variety of recipes that call for gelatin, including both for sandwiches or side dishes (jellied meats, head cheese), and for sweets (jams, pies, desserts, drinks...or even marshmallows!).

Product Notes:

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Gelatin's not just a pure and easily digestible gluten-free food; it's also a good source of protein and provides over a dozen amino acids, which are the building blocks of proteins, and contains collagen, which is an important component of cartilage and bone. Many find it useful for enhancing mobility by treating osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, and brittle bones (osteoporosis), or to shorten recovery after exercise and sports-related injuries.


Organic Porcine Gelatin. Certified organic by Pro-Cert Canada.

Contains no fat, carbohydrates, or gluten. 10 grams of gelatin powder provides 9 g of protein.

Suggested Usage:

To set 2 cups of liquid, or to prepare as a drink for therapeutic purposes to benefit your bones and joints, slowly stir 10 g (= 2 teaspoons) of gelatin powder into 500 ml (2 cups) of hot (but not boiling!) liquid until dissolved.

To use gelatin with solids (to make jellied slices of meat, cheese, or fruit, e.g.), add 5 teaspoons of hot liquid to 2 teaspoons of gelatin, and stir; soak that mixture for 5 minutes; then slowly add solids (such as cream cheese) to the mixture, using a whisk. Chill for about 2 hours. Many items can be frozen, after that.

Store this powder in a cool, dry place.

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