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Green Beaver - Sensitive Aloe Blemish Mousse

Green Beaver - Sensitive Aloe Blemish Mousse

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Info: 50 ml

This is a specially formulated vanishing foam for acne-prone skin, with all-natural ingredients including limonoids and bioflavonoids (purifying lemon extracts) with witch hazel (an astringent). It can remove the oil and impurities and that can cause blemishes and breakouts and also tone up the skin and normalize the imbalances which can lead to them, but with no alcohol or oils, it's soft on the skin. 100 percent vegan; not tested on animals.


Product Notes:

Formerly listed here as "Blemish Foam."


Aqua, citrus extracts (limonoids and bioflavonoids), hamamelis (witch hazel). Most notable ingredients: Purifying lemon extracts (limonoids and bioflavonoids) and witch hazel (astringent) work synergistically to tone and normalize skin imbalances that can create break outs.

Suggested Usage:

Cleanse skin. Massage a small amount to affected area once or twice daily. Do not rinse off: leave it on the skin. A slight, temporary tingling sensation may occur at the site of application.


Avoid contact with eyes.
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