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Richard Hansler - Another Weight Loss Gimmick? Maybe Not!

Richard Hansler - Another Weight Loss Gimmick? Maybe Not!

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Info: Book, by Richard L. Hansler, Ph.D.

In Another Weight Loss Gimmick? Maybe Not!, Richard Hansler, a physicist who specializes in the effects of light on the body, explains how a reduction in blue light in our environments may help our bodies burn fat more efficiently. Hansler compiles and interprets a number of studies to suggest that melatonin is essential in producing brown fat, which burns calories, rather than the white fat that contributes to obesity. This discovery suggests that reduced exposure of our bodies to blue light, which destroys melatonin, helps the body maintain healthy melatonin levels. These healthy melatonin levels in turn enhance weight loss through the production of brown fat, as well as promote other health benefits related to melatonin.

Product Notes:

Title: Another Weight Loss Gimmick? Maybe Not?: Eliminate Blue Light, Maximize Melatonin, Develop Brown Fat, Burn White Fat
by Richard L Hansler, Ph.D.


  1. Acknowledgements
  2. Preface
  3. Introduction
  1. Why and How to Fix Your Sleep
  2. White and Brown Fat
  3. Cool Stuff
  4. The Plan: Putting It All Together
  5. Science behind How Melatonin Promotes Brown Fat
  6. The Science behind "Sleep Less. Get Fat"
  7. The Science Behind How Exercise Helps Control Weight
  8. The Science behind the Beneficial Effects of Cold
  9. Other Ways That Light Affects Health
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