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Heavenly Scent - Colour Light Aroma Diffuser

Heavenly Scent - Colour Light Aroma Diffuser

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Info: Available in All White; or with a Rose Gold Stripe around the Middle

Ultrasonic ionizing diffusers vibrate water extremely quickly (with 3 million vibrations per second, in this case), converting it to mist that's released into the surrounding air. If the water has been infused with aromatic essential oils, the oils are similarly broken down into tiny micro particles, releasing their aromas in the process.

Product Notes:

Top view of a Colour Light Ultrasonic Ionizing Aroma Diffuser glowing pinkThis aromatherapy diffuser from Heavenly Scent has several virtues: it is small (about 12 cm square, and has a low profile (about 6cm high), so it can go almost anywhere and is unlikely to get knocked around; it can last up to 10 hours (when set on intermittent output, or 5 if set on continuous) before needing refilling; it runs on regular tap water (or mineral water); it can be powered either through a regular AC outlet or through a computer or laptop (a USB cable is included); it can run either with a series of slowly changing muted colours from an LED light, or without; and it's very simple to operate.

Product Options:
All White - $99.99
White with Rose Gold Stripe - $99.99