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Richard Hansler - Heroes of Cancer Prevention Research

Richard Hansler - Heroes of Cancer Prevention Research

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Info: Book, by Richard L. Hansler, Ph.D.

In Heroes of Cancer Prevention Research, Richard Hansler supplements his other books on melatonin and the effects of light-control, compiling and describing the results of a number of studies that associate these with increased resistance to cancer.

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Title: Heroes of Cancer Prevention Research: How Scientists Are Discovering Environmental Factors in Modern Society That Increase the Incidence of Cancer and How to Overcome Them
by Richard L Hansler, Ph.D.


Chapter 1.   Eva Schernhammer MD PhD
Chapter 2.   David E. Blask PhD MD
Chapter 3.   George C. Brainard PhD
Chapter 4.   Hella and Christian Bartsch (both PhDs)
Chapter 5.   Richard G. Stevens PhD
Chapter 6.   William Hrushesky MD and Patricia Wood MD PhD
Chapter 7.   Leonid Kayumov PhD
Chapter 8.   Vladimir Anisimov MD, PhD, DSc
Chapter 9.   The Research Staff at the University of Cantabria
Chapter 10.  Russel J. Reiter MD, PhD
Chapter 11.   Others
Chapter 12.   Conclusions

Richard L. Hansler, Ph.D., served as a research physicist at GE Lighting for 42 years, and then became the director of the Lighting Innovations Institute at John Carroll University. He has written extensively about the effects of blue light on melatonin maintenance in the body.

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