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Himalaya - Arjuna

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Info: 60 Caplets

All too often the very first warning of heart problems is also the last. Arjuna is like a natural herbal tune-up for your heart. Many clinical studies have confirmed that this time-tested herb has numerous cardiac benefits, and it is cited as being "one of those rare herbs that does many things well" (including providing some pain relief). Give your heart the support it needs as it beats to the tune of 35 million times a year!

Product Notes:

Latest product label may be slightly different than shown.

Key benefits:

• Promotes normal heart function.

• Supports normal blood pressure levels, among those already within the normal range.

• Supports normal platelet function.

• The ability to support the blood's absorption of lipids indicates it has cholesterol-regulating properties.

• Helps maintain a healthy heart and reduces the effects of stress and nervousness.

For more information on Himalaya's high quality line of Ayurvedic supplements, please see our Himalaya Herbal Healthcare and the Power of Ayurvedic Medicine article with the company's accompanying videos.


Each caplet contains:
10 mg Organic Arjuna standardized supercritical CO2 extract (bark) (Terminalia arjuna Wight & Arn.) (3% Arjunolic acid, 0.3 mg*)
240 mg organic arjuna standardized extract (bark) (40% Tannins – 96 mg)
300 mg organic Arjuna leaf powder (bark)
150 mg organic Arjuna powder (leaf)

Contains no: Gluten, Magnesium Stearate, or Synthetic Additives.

Suggested Usage:

Take 1 caplet per day before food. Keep out of direct light.


Keep out of reach of children. Do not use if you are pregnant. Consult a healthcare practitioner prior to use if you are breastfeeding, or if you are taking blood pressure, anticoagulant or anti- platelet medications or diuretics, or if you have a cardiac condition. Health Canada Natural Product Number: 80043600.

Supporting Science:

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