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Himalaya Bacopa, in new bottle and label style

Himalaya - Bacopa

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Info: 60 Caplets (2 Month Supply)

Bacopa are aquatic plants which have long been used in the "Brahmi" category of Ayurvedic herbal medicine to help the mind, spirit, intellect and consciousness. Some studies have found it can heighten mental acuity (including verbal learning, memory and information processing speed) and help reduce anxiety or help people become more relaxed. It may be able to reduce occasional bouts of forgetfulness, and promote more peace of mind.

Product Notes:

For more information on Himalaya's high quality line of Ayurvedic supplements, please see our Himalaya Herbal Healthcare and the Power of Ayurvedic Medicine article with the company's accompanying videos.


Each caplet contains:
250 mg Organic Bacopa standardized extract (whole Plant)(Bacopa monnieri Pennell.) (24% Bacopa saponins, 60 mg)
500 mg Organic Bacopa powder (whole Plant)(2% Bacopa saponins, 10 mg)

Additive and gluten free.

Suggested Usage:

Take 1 caplet daily before meals. Allow several weeks for full benefits and lasting results.


Keep out of reach of children, and out of direct light.

Health Canada Natural Product Number: 80042359.

Video Transcription

Thinking too much too fast in too many different directions is a little like juggling. Without a little help eventually, even the best of us will start balls. In life or on the job, being overextended impacts how our minds function. A recent Harvard Business Review post says that multitasking leads to as much as a 40% drop in productivity, increased stress, and a 10% drop in I.Q.

Himalaya Pure Herbs Bacopa is a mental alertness herb for those seeking enhanced mental focus and improved memory function on the job or in their lives. Bacopa supports mood, memory, and attention span, and offers antioxidant support to the brain.

In a double blind, placebo controlled, human clinical trial published in the Australian Journal of Medical Herbalism, 84 subject volunteered for a 16 week study that included various aspects of memory, such as verbal working memory, and text comprehension tests. Significant improvements were seen in participants taking Himalaya Pure Herbs Bacopa during the 16 week study, in contrast to the placebo group, which showed no such improvements.

Himalaya Pure Herbs Bacopa is certified USDA organic, featuring the whole plant and a key standardized constituents that help prompt learning ability and problem solving. Not only is Himalaya Pure Herbs Bacopa supportive of normal memory, mental alertness, and learning, other benefits include enhanced mental focus, mood, and normal attention span. Bacopa also promotes dependable sleep by calming the sneeze and resting the preoccupied mind without causing drowsiness, and it provides antioxidants that support the brain.

Equally important is the purity of Himalaya's seed to shelf process. With total control from the time our herbs are cultivated on fair trade, sustainably grown farms to research and development, where over 100 doctors and scientists validate their action. We deliver products free from excipients, additives, and artificial binders.

Family owned since 1930, Himalaya is a benchmark of science, purity, and quality. For improved memory, focus, and mental alertness in today's multitasking world, look for Himalaya Pure Herbs Bacopa. It's a smart, sharp addition to anybody's juggling act.

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