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Himalayan Crystal Salt Bag
Instructions for Himalayan Crystal Salt Bag

Heartfelt Living - Himalayan Crystal Salt Bag

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Info: 1.25 kg in a 6.5 x 7.5 x 1.5 inch pillow-style bag

Himalayan Crystal Salt was created when the sun dried the water from the primal ocean, and along with the earth's pressure over many years, turned it into large crystals. These crystals are found deep within the earth and are one of the purest forms of salt containing 84 essential minerals. Himalayan salt has many diverse uses including hot or cold healing compresses.

Product Notes:

Heartfelt Living Himalayan Crystal Salt Bags provides therapeutic relief for aches and pains from head to toe. The bag can be warmed to 50-60 degrees C (120-140 degrees F) in the oven for approximately 5-10 minutes and then placed on the body for at least 20 minutes. The bag may also be placed in the freezer for 30-60 minutes and be used as desired. Aside from being a natural pain relief product, the Himalayan Crystal Salt Bag provides a gentle pressure on the body as well as it retains the hot or cold temperature more effectively than other healing compresses.


Do not put in the microwave.