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MycoBotanicals Brain, 60 capsules

Host Defense - MycoBotanicals Brain

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Info: 60 Veg. Capsules

MycoBotanicals Brain is a blend of certified organic mushrooms and herbs specifically designed to support the brain and nervous system in areas like concentration, memory and other cognitive functioning with compounds including prebiotics, antioxidants, and polysaccharides.

Product Notes:

Our brains are amazingly complicated organic machines which achieve so many tasks and interact with the rest of our bodies in countless ways. And, like the other organs in our bodies, they need both blood and nourishment to function, and sometimes they may need a little extra help to continue to do all their jobs properly.

Host Defense Myco Botanicals Brain uses three types of activated, freeze-dried mushrooms -- Lion's Mane and Reishi to support neurological and adrenal functioning, and Cordyceps, to support brain health with aging -- and three herbs drawn from Asian traditions: Bacopa monnieri, to support brain function and memory; Gotu kola, to support mental acuity; and Ginkgo biloba, to support healthy blood flow to the brain.


Amount Per 2 Capsule Serving:


300 mg Lion's Mane (Hericium erinaceus) mycelium*
150 mg Reishi (Ganoderma lucidum/resinaceum) mycelium*
50 mg Cordyceps (Cordyceps militaris) mycelium*


250 mg Bacopa (Bacopa monnieri) whole plant aqueous extract*
130 mg Gotu Kola (Centella asiatica) aerial parts hydroethanolic extract*
120 mg Ginkgo (Ginkgo biloba) leaf hydroethanolic extract*

Other ingredients: freeze-dried myceliated brown rice*, Pullulan (an extra-cellular polysaccharide), maltodextrin*

* = Certified Organic

Suggested Usage:

Take two capsules daily, or as otherwise directed by a healthcare practitioner. Consult a healthcare practitioner for use beyond 8 months.


Keep out of reach of children. Do not use if you are taking health products that affect blood coagulation. Consult a healthcare practitioner prior to use if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, or have a liver disorder, or are taking medications for diabetes, high blood pressure, or seizures. Consumption with alcohol, other medications or health products with sedative properties is not recommended. Consult a healthcare practitioner if you develop symptoms of liver trouble (such as abdominal pain, dark urine or jaundice).

Health Canada Natural Product Number: 80061526.

UPC / Barcode: 822078713008