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Packaging for ThermiPAQ Hot/Cold Pain Relief Wrap
the interior and cover of the ThermiPAQ Hot/Cold Pain Relief Wrap
ThermiPAQ on knee and elbow
ThermiPAQ on shoulder

Carex - ThermiPAQ Hot/Cold Pain Relief Wrap

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The ThermiPAQ Pain Relief Wrap uses a clay-based compound which absorbs temperatures -- either Hot or Cold -- then slowly releases them over an extended period of time, radiating it at a better rate for therapeutic purposes than liquid or gel-based packs. The flexible clay can conform to the contours of your body, while the soft fleece outer sleeve with Velcro strap creates a secure fit over the various parts of your body which might benefit from a hot or cold wrap after a bump, sprain, or strain, for example. This is a Medium size: 6 inches wide by 12 inches long, and half an inch deep. It can be used hundreds of times.

Suggested Usage:

Cool the removable clay pack in a freezer for an hour, or warm it in a microwave (times are given in package instructions), reinsert it in the holder, and strap it over the sore area of you back, knees, ankles, or elbows.


Do not use on infants. Pay special attention when using it on young children or older persons whose skin may be sensitive to temperature extremes. Persons with diabetes, circulatory problems, nerve damage, paralysis or insensitive skin should use only as directed by a physician. Consult your doctor before treating any serious injury, or when pain persists. Do not use in conjunction with liniments, balms, or lotions. Use as directed to avoid possible injury. Test temperature before applying to the painful area, by using a sensitive area such as the underside of your wrist, for example (with the clay packet already inside the cloth cover).

The Canadian packaging differs slightly from the one shown.
UPC / Barcode: 749836032013