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Hush - Smart Earplugs
two earplugs with silicone and foam tips on them
Hush - Smart Earplugs

Hush - Smart Earplugs

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Info: 1 Pair of Earplugs in a Case, with 9 Pairs of Tips

For those times it's too noisy to get to sleep without some sort of earplugs or headphones, but you still need to be able to hear to be awakened at a certain time or if you're expecting an important call, Hush™ Smart Earplugs not only block out most of the noise around you (up to about 70 decibels, so you'll still be able to hear most emergency alarms) with the earplugs themselves, but also play soothing sounds through their earphone speakers to mask any residual noise and distract your mind from racing thoughts to something more neutral to lull you to sleep.

Product Notes:

Whether we're contending with noisy households, neighbours, street noises, or sleep partners (blasted snoring!), or we're just trying to have a restorative nap in the hubbub of a public place like a plane, lounge, or library, sometimes the only chance of actually getting some sleep is not only to greatly reduce the volume of sound reaching our ears, but also to add some type of alternative soothing auditory stimuli -- particularly if we're somewhat anxious or overstressed, as we're apt to be in those situations.

The Hush Smart Earplugs do exactly that, through a combination of passive noise reduction provided by the sound-eliminating foam or silicone tips, and counteracting sound therapy, provided by an onboard MP3 player type technology and in-ear speakers with play a soothing audio track of your selection.

(Currently, you can choose between Ocean Waves, Rainfall, Fan noise, a Crackling Fire, a Babbling Brook, a Waterfall, a Thunderstorm, or White, Brown, or Pink Noise audio files, which are available through their app.)

And not only are Hush Smart Earplugs smart-ooking and comfortable, but they also synch up with your smart phones, so you can program alarm times, for example, or be notified when there are calls (if you choose), and they're also smart enough to preserve their battery power by turning off the audio player when needed in order to have enough power left over for those notifications

Hush is designed to work with both major classes of smart phone devices (as long as they are Bluetooth Low Energy compatible), with apps not only to download the sounds, but also to set alarm times (if wanted), or to set whether to have the earplugs notify you if there is a phone call.

* iPhones, for iPhone 4 models or newer; here is the link for where to download the Bose® Sleep app for iOS from the Apple store (the Bose acquired Hush after it was developed independently).

* Android phones, for models running Android 4.3 or higher while enabled with Bluetooth Low Energy (Bluetooth 4.x); here is the link for where to download the Bose® Sleep app for Android devices.

The HUSH Smart Earplugs use short-range Bluetooth low energy, rather than WiFi, which not only exposes you to less radiation than some other headset devices, but also allows you to use them on aircraft.

Please note, due to the constraints of the miniaturization process and the tiny size of the lithium battery, the Hush Smart Earplugs are only capable of playing the audio files downloaded from the app, which are stored on board; you cannot stream other audio files from your own smartphone device with them.


The Hush Kit contains:

- a pair of Hush earplugs;
- a charging case;
- a micro-USB cable;
- 6 pairs of foam tips of various widths and lengths (S, S-short, M, M-short, L, L-short); and,
- 3 pairs of silicone tips of different sizes (S, M, L).

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