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iHeart - Personal Health Tracking Device

iHeart - Personal Health Tracking Device

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Info: Personal Health Tracking Device

NEW! Your finger on the pulse of your future. S&H included in Canada. How Old Are You On The Inside? Test regularly with the iHeart personal health tracking device and find out how your lifestyle choices affect internal health. iHeart determines Internal Age by measuring aortic stiffness -- a scientifically-proven heart, brain and internal health metric. Tweak your lifestyle to reflect the choices that provide the best results and watch your Internal Age drop, leading to a longer and healthier life.

Product Notes:

You know your chronological age, but how old are you on the inside? Introducing iHeart -- a simple, 30 second test that determines your internal age by using a revolutionary method to assess overall health and show improvement with exercise, diet, and lowered stress.

iHeart measures aortic pulse wave velocity to determine internal age and aortic stiffness -- a proven indicator of heart, brain, and internal health. Aortic stiffness as a measure of core mobility, which is defined by mobility of the spine, ribcage, diaphragm muscle, and other core structures and tissues.

Core mobility is vital for a long and healthy life. Core mobility is improved by diet, fitness, and healthy living. With positive lifestyle choices, you will see your internal age decreasing, resulting in a longer and healthier life.

iHeart readings take 30 seconds and can be done anywhere. It is best to do your iHeart test in the morning to determine your baseline. This is the result you want to see change over time. Your iHeart app comes with five user profiles to use with family or friends. Your iHeart reading shows a snapshot of how your body is doing at that moment. Test after different activities to see how your body reacts to different kinds of exercise, and other positive lifestyle choices. Find out which have the best results on your body. Stick with those and watch your baseline internal age decrease over time. Lower your internal age and live a longer and healthier life. So come on, get younger with iHeart.


iHeart Device

Dr. Jess Goodman -- Physician, iHeart President and Founder: Until now, you needed equipment costing thousands of dollars to accurately measure a person's risk of developing heart disease and dementia. iHeart costs less than $300, clips on your finger and provides results in just 30 seconds

The Aorta is your body's largest blood vessel that travels just in front of the spine from the heart through the chest and abdomen. Aortic Stiffess is a Master Metric, shown in the scientific literature to help predict risk of death from all causes. Aortic Stiffness has revolutionary ability to help assess overall health, estimate lifespan and objectively show health improving with wise lifestyle choices.

30 Second Non-Invasive Test: Easily test and send results immediately to your phone or tablet and online dashboard.

Internal Age: Your internal age should be lower than your chronological age. If it is higher, there are many things you can do to decrease it using iHeart in cooperation with your healthcare provider.

Aortic Pulse Wave Velocity: AoPWV is proven to be a marker of heart health, brain health, and risk of death from all causes.

Resting Heart Rate: Resting heart rate can tells a lot about your internal health and fitness levels, and is a strong indicator of your risk for heart problems.

Blood Oxygen Level: Your body requires a very precise balance of oxygen in the blood. Optimal levels should be above 95%

Multi Device Compatibility: Use the iHeart Device with your iPad (3rd Gen+) or iPhone (4S+) or Android phone or tablet (Android 5.0 or newer). Connects wirelessly through Bluetooth. Use the device with the free iHeart Internal Age application (iOS or Android).

Device Walkthrough

iHeart is a fingertip device and mobile app that determines your internal age in just 30 seconds. It only takes two minutes to set up and start using iHeart to improve your internal health.

Included with the device is an instruction card to help you get set up. Install two AAA batteries (not included) into the back compartment and press the white button to turn on your iHeart device.

Navigate to the app store on your phone or tablet, search for iHeart Internal Age, and begin the download. The free version comes with five user profiles and is intended for use with family and friends, while the pro version comes a thousand profiles for health and wellness professionals.

Press Open when the download completes, and you're taken to the iHeart homepage. Press the gear icon in the bottom right of the screen and select Register, Create A New Account, and follow the steps to set up your new user profile. When you're finished, hit Create Profile.

When you're ready, press Start Recording, and watch as your aortic pulse wave velocity, heart rate, and blood oxygen level is monitored on the screen. Much like a blood pressure test, iHeart requires you to be sitting quietly and in a resting state to get a clear reading. We recommend you take a baseline test at the same time each day, for a bigger picture look at your health, as well as throughout the day to see how things like diet, exercise and stress are affecting your readings. After 30 seconds, this information is compiled, and notes can be taken in the space provided, for future reference.

If your internal age reading is higher than your actual age, don't worry. With iHeart, you now have the key to look inside and make positive changes.

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UPC Code: iheart-tracker