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Illumy - The Smart Sleep Mask

Illumy - The Smart Sleep Mask

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Info: Illumy Sleep/Wake Mask

Info: Illumy Sleep/Wake Mask

S&H included in Canada. Sound Oasis has continued to develop and refine its line of 'Glo to Sleep' masks to incorporate more features and usability. Sleep better and wake refreshed with your own personal sunset and sunrise.

Product Notes:

This new arrival, the illumy, is a "smart" sleep mask which also uses light to optimize your natural sleep cycles, but is now not only programmable through a wide variety of devices, but also adds waking to its repertoire, and has an optional pulsing light feature (for those who need an extra distraction -- or boost -- to take their attention away from their racing thoughts at night, or their early morning dreams), and has a rechargeable battery, with a USB cable and adapter included.

Like any good sleep mask, the illumy blocks all incoming light, so as not to disturb you. But it also goes to the next level, and uses dimming red-spectrum (sunset-coloured) lights to prepare your brain for sleep (by inducing it to release our innate nightly sedative, melatonin); and then reverses the process (if desired) with either a blue light sunrise simulation or audible chimes, to wake you.

The Illumy can connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth, where it can be controlled using a free app, and is also compatible with iOS and Android devices, which can interface with it either through the included cable plugged into that device's headphone port (if it has one), or through its speaker -- the app can be set to issue its instructions with old-school fax modem type sounds, and the mask has a built-in microphone to receive them, if need be. That last method will also enable you to use conventional PCs or Macs to program the mask, as long as they have a web browser (which will be the interface to change the settings) and can output sound.

More: Read The Blue Light Switch for Improved Sleep from Nathan Zassman.

illumy mask and its accessories

What's in the Box:
- Travel Case
- illumy Sleep & Wake Mask, with Adjustable Strap & Washable Cover
- Charger / Wall Plug Adapter
- Micro USB Charge Cable
- Programming Cable

Not Shown:
- User Manual
- Warranty Reply Card
- an App, which is already available as a free download for all three major smart phone operating systems from Amazon, Apple, and Google play. It enables you to set the mask's onboard clock; and retain Home/Away time settings, if you're traveling; and, program whether and when to activate its:
- built-in Chime Alarm; and,
- blue-spectrum light sunrise simulation Silent Alarm; and,
- red-spectrum, sleep cycle-inducing light; and,
- customize the length of those Sunrise and Sunset cycles; or,
- turn on the Sleep Enhancement feature (which pulses the light at slower Delta frequencies at bedtime, or faster Alpha frequencies in the morning).

Some sample screenshots from two different versions of this application are shown here below:
Photo of illumy and accessories

The Illumy mask may also be marketed by its series/part number GTS-3000.

UPC / Barcode: 680583000286