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Inada Duet in Black
Ivory Inada Duet massage chair in a room
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Inada - Duet Massage Chair

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Info: In Black; 1 Display Model Available (In-Store Purchase Only)

Inada shows off its 50 years of experience in massage chair design with its zero gravity chair, Duet, featuring a duet of two motors and two sets of rollers for optimal upper and lower body support simultaneously.

Allowing for long, continuous strokes and asymmetrical massage, the Duet reclines to the zero gravity position, which helps to distribute evenly the stress of gravity felt by the body.

Product Notes:

The innovative eight-axis intelligent massage system, featuring a stroke length of approximately 75 cm (approx. 30"), thoroughly treats your neck, shoulders, back and buttocks, while the annular deep massage mechanism (65 cm (26") stroke length) grips your hamstrings and calves for powerful and soothing shiatsu treatment; this is further enhanced by the heated air massage applied to the arms.

Finally, the Duet features a number of massages designed to address a range of issues; among these are its morning and night programs – which aggregate blood toward the heart and circulate it to the extremities respectively – and the Duet's unique capacity to conduct massages that favour the left or right side of the body depending on the user's needs.

Close your eyes and imagine it, the massage therapist working with care and precision as they methodically loosen the aches and tensions and knots troubling your body, from your neck and shoulders all the way down to your calves. Your neck is grasped firmly and pressure is applied to melt away stress by stretching and opening the vertebrae, granting your spine the alignment it craves.

Your tense shoulder blades loosen as the therapist works the stress from your arms, moving down your lower back to help relax the piriformis muscles covering your sciatic nerve. The tension in your upper legs and hamstrings recedes as the therapist's fingers knead out knots before turning to your calves. You can feel the tension drain from your muscles as they are plied with deft and gentle yet firm hands...

Now, open your eyes. There is no therapist; only a chair. But not merely a chair, because this chair is the Duet designed and manufactured by Family Inada, and this chair is responsible for the remarkable massage you've just experienced. You didn't have to book an appointment or pay an exorbitant sum for the one-off experience of a massage. No, because this remarkable chair is right here in the comfort of your own home, and you can turn to it for a variety of massages day and night without appointments, fees, or the hassle of leaving your house.

The relaxation and enhanced circulation essential to health and effected by this chair can be yours today! To find out more, see the notes below, or contact one of Aviva's helpful staff (toll free: 866-947-6789, local: 204-947-6789), who will be happy to answer any questions you might have or arrange for a demonstration of the chair in our relaxing curtained demonstration room.

Manual Operations

The two independently motored massage units in the back and seat/legs of the chair are supplemented by air massage in the arms, and perform various features with a variety of subsidiary options, as outlined below:

Back Mechanism

Basic Operations: Massage Techniques

* Kneading: Kneads upward and downward alternately. Adjustment options include, speed, direction (up/down), and intensity.

* Tapping: Tapping massage. Adjustments for speed, width, direction (up/down), and intensity.

* Kneading & Tapping: Upward kneading and tapping simultaneously. Adjustments for speed, direction (up/down), and intensity.


* Full Body Rolling: Stretches upper body using up/down movements. Adjustment options include width, direction (up/down), and intensity.

* Partial Rolling: Up and down movements perform partial stretching of the upper body. Adjustment options include width, direction (up/down), and intensity.

Special Operations

* Shiatsu: Adjustment options include direction (up/down) and intensity.

* Neck Stretch: Adjustment option for intensity.

* Trapezius Stretch: Adjustment option for intensity.

* Shoulder Stretch: Adjustment option for intensity.

These Special Operations cannot be combined with Basic Operations or Rolling.

Leg Mechanism

All basic and rolling leg operations allow for direction (up/down) and intensity adjustment. Area-specific operations and Rolling cannot be combined.

Basic Operations

* Soles

* Calves

* Thighs


* Full Body Rolling: Up and down movements provide full stretching of the lower body.

* Partial Body Rolling: Up and down movements provide partial stretching of the lower body.

Air Mechanism

Performs air massage on the right and left arms alternately. Intensity adjustment is available.

Massage Techniques Simulated by the Inada Duet

Massage Techniques Simulated by Inada Duet Massage Chair Massage Techniques Simulated by Inada Duet Massage Chair



Persons with any of the following conditions should seek medical advice before using the chair: serious heart conditions; sensory impairment caused by serious peripheral circulatory disorders due to diabetes and other diseases; osteoporosis, spinal fractures, acute pain and/or symptoms thereof; persons being treated for personal injuries; high fever (38°C (100°F) or higher) Ex. Strong acute inflammation illness caused by fatigue, chills, blood pressure fluctuation, or asthenia; persons in the early stages of pregnancy or immediately after giving birth; persons who have electronic medical devices easily susceptible to electromagnetic interference Ex. Pacemaker; abnormal or curved spine; persons planning to use the chair for treatment or for rehabilitation purposes; person(s) with malignant tumor(s); persons under bed rest orders; persons with acute gastrointestinal complaints or ailments such as gastritis, enteritis, or hepatitis; persons under a doctor's care, or those experiencing unusual physical discomfort; joint dysfunction due to rheumatism, gout, or other diseases; persons with symptoms such as qualm, dizziness, or tinnitus; inflammation due to sprains, muscle strain, or other injuries; persons with thecitis or suspected thecitis; persons with thermoanesthesia.

Elderly people and persons with weak bones should seek medical advice before using the chair, even if they do not have a specific disease. If your condition does not improve after use, consult a doctor or specialist.